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About Mathsmatter

Who We Are

Since being established in 2020, Mathsmatter has been known for high quality maths olympiad lessons to school age children.


We believe that maths is fun, and every child can fall in love with maths - and we are helping them to find the joy in maths. Get in touch today to learn more about our online and in-person classes.

Our Courses

Fun maths for all age

Fun maths enlightenment

reception to year 2 (4-6 year old)

In person maths games and first maths olympiad questions for the youngest learners. Class size is 3 to 6 children


Junior Maths Olympiad

year 6 to year 9 (11-14 year old)

Intermediate Maths Olympiad courses for junior and senior school children to take more challenges. Preparation for JMC/JMO maths competitions in the UK, and AMC8 in the U.S. Both online and in-person classes are available.


Senior Maths Olympiad

year 10 and above

If you are ambitious in maths challenges and preparing for SMC or BMO, this is the right place for you to find the tutoring and support you need.

Math Tutoring

Primary School Maths Challenges

year 3 to year 6 (7-11 year old)

In person maths games and primary maths olympiad questions for young learners. Preparing for maths challenges like FMC and PMC. Class size is 3 to 6 children


Try our classes today

Get in touch to try our different maths olympiad courses for children of all ages

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